Members of GravyBrain

Brian "Gravy" Asher


spiritual leader

Glenn "Dr. Galaxo Magic" Tucker 


The Wizard of the keyboards, Galaxo has played keys, bass, mandolin, guitar and drums in various projects including the DeadBeats, JC Flyer, Franklin's Tower, Swamp Zen, Spark N Cinder, Dog Named Blue, Found Objects, Alli Battaglia & the Musical Brewing Company and GravyBrain.  He has played in outer space and visited several moons while helping the locals heal and defend themselves!  Galaxo received the pretigous CN&R CAMMIES Best Keyboard Player in 2013.  The doctor has a lot of music you may like to hear, check out his page at:  Dr Galaxo Magic 

Kevin "Captain Danger" McAllister 


Born jumping from a plane Capt. Danger received his first squirrel suit at age 3 along with a Fender P bass copy. After growing up in Los Angeles and living in several states and countries, the Captain joined GravyBrain in 2007 and continues his quest for tone and tasty grooves to this day. He is known for his prize winning mutant clams, original line of corduroy eveningwear, and cliff diving awards. Capt. Danger is a MK Ultra test subject and a former head of state now in exile and can be bought.

Dale "The Scorpian" Price


Owner of The Magic Snare 



Kenny Willams, Jr.

David  Chambers

Brian "Mega Drocket" Dugloz